HDDAdministrator (Pucoló)
Harddisk administrator.

Create free disk space with deleting temporary files.
Main features
  • Search and empty standard system storages of all users automatically (Cookies, Temp, Temporary Internet Files, 'Empty folders')
  • Search, package, move and delete temporary files in a definied path.
  • Run two previous operations automatically ('Clean'), create Cleaning Log.
  • Record your own temporary file types ('My types')
  • Empty several system storages over Recycle Bin (History, Templates, Windows Update, Uninstall etc.)
  • HDD space diagnostics ('Analysis')
  • Open FDD formatting, Defragmenter, Disk Handler from GUI with one click
  • Schedulable Live Update and Cleaning ('Automatic features')
  • Handle temporary files that were not deleted under normal mode of Windows ('Unerased')
  • Record file names to protect from Search/Clean ('Protected files')
  • Create shortcut to Desktop and Start menu ('Shortcuts')
  • Multi-language support ('Multilanguage')
  • Presentation and download links of three external useful programs ('Useful programs')
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