Html-mankó (Editor2Web)
HTML editor.

Editor for text files, specifically web files and their operations.

Hungarian only.
Main features
  • Edit multiple documents in same time, in variable order
  • Save workspace (loaded files, cursor positions etc.) when closing application
  • More than twenty Wizards to create various HTML elements
  • View contents of web file types (.html, .css, .js, stb.) with colour marks
  • Edit tags with double click (intelligent tags feature)
  • Built-in two-panel FTP client for remote handling
  • Left toolbar to help browse files, insert code templates and other features
  • Edit/Show main properties of documents (size, attributes etc.)
  • Multiple browser support with automatic search and document testing
  • External GUI to edit and save HTML tables
  • Web page, Frame, Download site Wizards
  • HTML tutorial for beginners
  • Quick conversion between HTML- and accentuated characters
  • Export loaded documents in HTML and Rich Text
  • Store sites in a tree list

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